How to Improve Brain Power and Its Effects

The hierarchy in degrees of human consciousness must be a ultimate subject of our present age, yet not many are intrigued in the vital presents they were supplied freely, at birth. There are various factors which might affect ones aware state and Thought Elevator System improvement, a few cases in no particular order being, social surroundings, genes or DNA, or financial foundations to mention a few. The highest degree of awareness is enlightenment, and before you can achieve this mind-set you should complete the journey to enlightenment, the complete trip. In case there are ideas of suicide at this state, one should be a strong willed person to overcome these emotions of self hatred and move on to the next measure.


Human Levels of Consciousness

Another measure is among the many challenges and pitfalls, this next step is the state of fear. There is an excellent dependence on assistance in the most ideal type needed to assist one escape from this degree, for if you do not you might remain in a continuous state of concern for a very long time. It is fairly common to see someone in a concern state companions with one in the high level of anger. Want and anger follow concern on the road to enlightenment, as when you are in a continuous state of desire there is an addiction, and a lust for more.

When this craving for more isn’t met one enters in the state of anger, if it’s met one remains trapped in a continuous state of desire. After the state of rage is reached, the true start may start to fly into the higher degrees of awareness since anger offers the necessary fuel to start one into the next stage, pride. This state is really dependent on external elements like, money, power, associates, etc. The true initiate doesn’t remain in the state of pride to get prolonged, and steps up to the first degree of true strength, bravery. In case the brain state of courage is used completely and correctly, one may have completed the requirements required for an economic basis, or any main prerequisite required in ones living. You feel really comfortable and get along with others really well, however this state can lea to a feeling of complacency and overall laziness. All your needs are being looked after, so people who stay at this state don’t push themselves beyond this point. This is the state of several living in the us, along with other self employed people around the globe.